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Model in bikini
Image by Kat Yukawa
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Published 26 May 2020

California Herald

Designer swimwear can be affordable and suit every body type, according to bikini model Shayla Cofini, who is about to launch her own swimsuit brand.

27 May 2020

Supermodel Michaela Vybohova is a surprisingly savvy investor, and she shares her top tips for millennials.

Published 26 June 2020

America Daily Post

We chat with NYC’s Nathalie Dahn about how modeling has provided her with a platform to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

Image by Utopia By Cho

5 reasons to choose 1Penemy’s street art for investment

29 May 2020

If you’re considering buying investment art from an emerging name, look no further than street artist 1Penemy.

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