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Social Media Management
Service Summary

People expect to find brands on social media – and they expect to see those social pages updated regularly. We enable you to show their audience that you are active and you care about communicating with your target market.

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Social Media Marketing Purpose

Managing Social Media profiles is very time-consuming. When done with in-house resources or employees, it gets very distracting and expensive for businesses to do it themselves. Adding it to an existing staff member’s role means that it might get neglected in favour of more pressing tasks. Meanwhile, hiring someone dedicated to social media can prove costly.

Also, taking into account the wide range of different popular social media platforms, it is a challenge for most businesses to maintain marketing expertise in all these areas, unless it’s the company’s specific area of expertise.

The purpose of our management services are twofold:

Firstly, we aim to provide a highly-effective social media management service to the brands we partner with. To achieve the objective effectively, our services and processes are mapped to ensure:

  • We understand and represent your brand appropriately.

  • We produce content (in image and language) that is of an exceptional quality that meets and surpasses your standards.


Secondly, we keep our team’s skills (for each social media platform) up to date, ensuring our services are as effective as possible for the long term. Some measures of effectiveness include:

  • Audience growth

  • Reach growth

  • Quality engagement

  • Traffic to your website


By maintaining a team of consultants that ONLY do social media – professionals that live it and breathe it – we ensure that the work we are doing on your behalf has the maximum potential to meet your goals, as documented in the service brief.

"A brand is no longer what you tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is."

- Scott Cook

Social Media Management Products

Our Social Media Management services are classified into two styles:

  • The first style of service is a brand level management service starting with the management of a minimum of three social media platform profiles. 

    • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are highly preferred by the majority of brands.

    • Additional profiles can be cost-effectively added to the basic service.

  • The second style of service is a platform-specific standalone management service.

    • Stand-alone management services include Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Management Service Levels:

Social Media Management Service Levels.p

Social Media Management Is Working When:

  • The initial brief is completed professionally and accurately.

  • All the content is tailored according to your requirements and is approved prior to publishing.

  • Content is both delivered and approved in a timely manner to ensure final content is completed in time for the publishing schedule.

  • The publishing schedule is adhered to.

  • Your brand is enhanced by the professionalism of the content.

  • The goals agreed to in the briefing document are focused on and achieved.

  • You are mindful that direct conversion and/or lead generation goals are secondary and typically are an indirect result of this management service.

  • Often, conversions made using other lead generation activities are supported by our Social Media Management service, or conversions that start with this service, are nurtured to completion using another channel.

"The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network."

- Kami Huyse

Our Social Media Management Process

Setup Month

  • Initial briefing.

  • Complete and agree on the Social Media Marketing brief.

  • Social Media platform analysis and recommendations.

  • Content Creation for platforms as required.

    • Graphic Design

    • Captions

  • Meeting to review and approve content.

  • Direct Marketing for all platforms where required.


Regular Monthly Work

Our marketing strategy includes a basic advertising budget to assist with content designed around key areas of your business.

  • Month-end report of the campaign is generated one day after the last post is scheduled.

  • High engagement areas are identified and added to the content strategy.

  • The next month’s content strategy is initiated immediately after the first post of the approved calendar goes live.

  • The content for the next month is sent for review and approval.

  • The approved calendar is scheduled accordingly.

Our Responsibilities

  • We will set up the briefing session with you for effective discovery and documentation of your needs.

  • We will make sure that the utmost care is taken in the maintenance of your social media profiles, only publishing approved content.

  • We will prepare all content professionally and in time for the publishing schedule. This will be delivered for review/approval at least 3 business days in advance of the first publishing date, which is enough time for review and approval.

  • We will schedule the publication of approved content to maximise visibility and engagement.

  • We will apply delegated advertising budgets in line with the objectives of the campaign.

  • We will supply you with performance reports on time at the end of each month.

  • We will keep up to date with recent, proven effective social media trends and use these as a guide for ongoing improvement of our Social Media Marketing strategies.

"The purpose of social media is to allow your customers to get to know your brand so they can speak for you."

- Sweeney Mae

Social Media Management Limitations

  • Social Media Marketing is more about creating a brand presence, supporting other marketing efforts, and reaffirming core business messages than direct lead generation.

  • While some lead generation is possible and is given attention in these management services, if you are looking for fast and direct response lead generation, this is not an appropriate strategy.

  • One major limitation of organic social media marketing is that you have no control over your audience. The social media platform algorithms control how much reach organic posts get in front of the built audience. With an ever-increasing amount of information flowing through social media channels, it appears business channels get less and less reach every month.

  • This lack of control and real ownership is important to understand as it should be part of your thinking about how you use the audience you develop in these channels.

What’s Next?

  • Email marketing is another great extension to a successful social media marketing campaign. In the last point above, we address the issue of lack of ownership/control of the social media audience. A great way to overcome this challenge is to develop an email marketing database off the back of the social media effort by endeavouring to convince the social media audience to join the email database through sporadic posting. Once the social media audience has agreed to join the email database, you then have control over the marketing communications that will reach your prospects.

  • If the social media management campaign is going well, the easiest and most obvious next strategy is to build on this success by implementing an advertising-based social media lead generation strategy. This is an extension to the previous point around developing an email database.

  • Another service that you could consider would be a search-related marketing service as this would open up a completely new marketing channel for you.

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