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Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Fits Like A Glove

How would your customers describe you? Would they say that your brand really gets them and meets all their needs? If the answer seems a bit hazy, it’s ok, don’t take it personally. The problem could be that your digital marketing is not working to your benefit.

Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of creating an online presence, but many are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency and may be overlooking a few points. Before you sign up with an agency, consider these factors:

  • What are your specific needs?

  • How do competing agencies compare?

  • What do they do differently?

Have you checked out the existing digital marketing of the company you plan to put all your trust in? Let’s take a closer look at how each of these can make or break your digital campaign.

Asking The Right Questions

Digital marketing is a broad term, and it encapsulates a whole list of services. Some services you may not even require, and some you may not be able to do without. Every digital marketing agency is different, and some may specialise in services the other only dabbles in. This is why you need to first establish the needs of your business. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • What are their needs?

  • Where am I most likely to reach them?

  • How do they interact with other brands online?

  • What is my current digital marketing campaign lacking?

  • What am I willing to spend money on?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it may help to do a little research on digital marketing agencies and what solutions they can offer. For example, B2C services may include campaign management, PR and creating a digital corporate identity.

Conversely, B2B services will include things like lead generation, marketing automation or CRM. Reading blogs about digital marketing will be helpful in this regard. Educate yourself on the different roles of a digital marketing agency so that you may be able to determine what your individual expectations will be.

Compare The Competition

If you think online dating is hard, try finding a digital marketing agency that’s a perfect match! The options are endless, and you are likely to be bombarded by hundreds of companies that promise the same thing. So how do you choose?

A good place to start is by looking at different agencies’ principles, services and specialities to identify their strong and weak points. It’s important to ascertain their passion for the industry because you want to work with people who love what they do and know it inside out. Therefore, it might be a good idea to look for agencies that specialise in your particular industry. You can also look at their business portfolio and past client list to see if they’ve managed companies similar to yours. You can also look for client reviews and testimonials. See who they have partnered with before you put your confidence in them.

One thing to watch out for is agencies that make bizarre promises. You want an agency that is realistic and honest in its advertising approach.

First Impressions Last

One of the best ways to assess the competence of a digital marketing agency is to simply take a look at its own digital marketing. Analyse their website with the following in mind:

  • How welcoming and functional is their website?

  • What is the quality of their content?

  • How effective is their own marketing strategy?

Take note of the web design, your user experience and the ultimate impression their online profile makes on you. Another tip is to review their clients’ digital marketing platforms to better understand what results they can offer. This will determine their capacity of building a digital marketing strategy that will leave a good impression on your prospective clients.

Once you have established your expectations and thoroughly investigated your options, you should be able to make an informed decision. Remember, taking the time to assess each factor will help to avoid future disappointment.

For further information on digital marketing, contact us at theContenTribe for expert advice and strong digital strategies. We are a digital marketing agency with a team of experts that provide outstanding SEO solutions, PR and outreach campaigns, and content marketing services designed to drive results on a local and global scale. Get started here: Email or call +27 64 536 4278 today!


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