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Five Amazing Talents Of A Business Content Writer

What is ‘albeit’, and how should it be used? Is it ‘program’ or ‘programme’? What is the correct way to use the term fintech? A business content writer would know the answers to all these questions. They are well versed in all the jargon, how to use it, when to use it, and have all the combined expertise of business knowledge and writing finesse. If you’re a high profile business operating in the corporate sector, you’ll need a business content writer specialising in corporate content to convey crucial information to your clients and stakeholders.

Here are five amazing talents that every business content writer will possess and the reasons why they are so vital to the success of your business.

1. LinkedIn

Where do businesses go to hang out? LinkedIn, of course. With nearly 740 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms for professionals to build networks, find investors, and get noticed by the right people. As a business, you need to have a strong profile and contribute valuable content to your target audience that’s consistent, engaging and informative. Whether your focus is B2B communication or attracting potential investors or recruits, a business content writer will create masterful content that appeals to your audience. They can also proofread and optimise your LinkedIn profile summary for higher rankings.

2. Product Descriptions

The e-commerce industry is booming like never before, and product descriptions need to be more creative, edgy and appealing to make an impression among a plethora of brands online. It’s important that you work with a business content writer who understands your product or service and can communicate your brand identity effectively through product descriptions and other e-commerce content. For example, if your online store sells fragranced lipsticks for teenage girls, your whole identity may be fun, fresh, vibrant and daring, and each product description should have these elements to entice buyers.

3. Business Articles & Press Releases

In the current media environment where fake news is overshadowing good old facts, companies have to be on the ball with releasing articles to the press that clarify information before other sources can distort it. A business content writer has the skills necessary to compile well-written business articles about an entity, its directors, or business activities in a corporate style that can be published in renowned corporate publications and news sites. They will be able to do this in a timely and accurate fashion, protecting and enhancing your company’s reputation in the public eye.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem old fashioned, but it remains one of the most effective ways of communicating with leads and existing customers, building and maintaining relationships with them. It allows you to reach them at a time that’s convenient for them, in the intimacy of an inbox, where they can mull over your message and make the decision to take that next step. Did you know that 70% of people check their emails on a mobile device? This shows just how integrated emails are in our daily lives. Business content writers are very efficient at composing business emails and will strike just the right tone. They will save you the time of having to reply to each email individually. They will also ensure that your emails are mobile optimised, meaning that pictures will be the right size, there will be a good combination of text and images, and CTAs will be made much easier.

5. Newsletters

Using a business content writer to compile your monthly or weekly business newsletters is definitely a good idea. These newsletters contain news, updates and other significant information about your business. It helps to establish your brand identity, and similar to email marketing, allows you to speak directly to your target audience in their inbox at a suitable time for them. Not only is it cost-effective, but it's effective in boosting growth and building credibility, which adverts can’t really do because they don’t allow too much detail. A business content writer will know precisely how to make your newsletters relevant and valuable to your customers by keeping them the right length and staying consistent in style and voice.

So if you’re eager to know more about corporate communication strategies and how a business content writer can boost your company’s image while optimising content simultaneously, get in touch with us at theContenTribe. We prioritise the success of our clients through next-generation marketing strategies in digital and traditional platforms. We can provide you with the services of an expert business content writer and assist with other areas of marketing you may require, such as SEO writing or ad copy. Get in touch today at or +27 87 095 6471.


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