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Five Facts That You Need To Know Before You Buy SEO Articles

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a hot topic at the moment. Everyone wants to know how to improve their ranking, hone in on their audience engagement, and get tangible results from searched keywords. At theContenTribe, we know how complex it may seem if you don’t have years of marketing experience, and even then, SEO takes work and commitment to get right. That is why so many of our clients are looking to buy SEO articles - it is a perfect opportunity to outsource an extremely necessary part of your digital marketing to a professional team that knows what they are doing and has proven success in this field.

When we talk about SEO writing, we think of the example that you could have a mechanic pull your tooth (he surely has the pliers to do so!), or you could rely on the trained dental professional that has a bit more artistry and finesse, not to mention the right version of the tools, to get the job done right (the first time). With that in mind, we have compiled a few facts to help illuminate what you can and should expect from your SEO services.

Fact Number One: SEO Is Not A Stand-Alone Aspect Of Your Content

While SEO is an incredibly important part of your digital marketing strategy, it is simply impossible to get the best results by purely devoting all your resources and energy to SEO alone. You need to support your SEO articles with conversion strategies, prospect databasing and nurturing, a robust sales process, and a brand relationship strategy that you can rely on. SEO is merely the torch that shines a light on your other content, meaning that everything from your website to your social media should be on par.

Fact Number Two: SEO Is All About Traffic

What you do with that traffic is up to you. What this means is that you could have a thousand virtual “feet through the door,” but if your core product, business, or service needs improvement, SEO can not be used as a quick fix or a magic wand. Basically, SEO can lead the audience to the website, but it cannot force them to close a sale. Make sure your offering lives up to the hype.

Fact Number Three: You Are Being Judged With Or Without SEO Services

Whether or not you invest in your SEO rankings, your content will be ranked. You may already be suffering penalties or low benchmarking on search rankings without even knowing it! The only way to improve your ranking and increase your traffic is to have an SEO audit done, find out where you stand, and implement strategies such as SEO articles or on-page changes. There is nothing to be gained from ignoring the fact that your digital content is being ranked, yet so much opportunity to improve once you know where you stand.

Fact Number Four: SEO And Social Media Are Great For Each Other!

Many people tend to split SEO and Social Media into two separate categories, often forgetting that they are complementary tools that actually work better when used in conjunction. When you alienate one from the other, you forego a number of benefits and integrated engagement that you could use to optimise not only your ranking and traffic, but also your overall digital engagement footprint.

Fact Number Five: SEO Is NOT Quantity Over Quality

So many of our clients have made the mistake of simply selecting as many keywords as possible to try to increase their ranking. While there is something to be said for ‘fishing with a larger net’, these additional keywords mean very little if they are not used properly or in unison with organic traffic strategies. Simply using a keyword for keyword's sake often does more damage than good. This is why

Get Your SEO On Track Today!

Our team at theContenTribe has dedicated focus and access to resources to give you the best results from your SEO services. We know what it takes to make an impact, and we have even built-in guarantees on our performance commitments to you as a testament to our experience and skill in this arena. If you would like to get the very best when you buy SEO articles, talk to our team today. As StoryBrand Certified Guides, we will guide you through the very best of our success-driven digital marketing services to set you up for real results. Reach out to us at +27 87 095 6471 or We can’t wait to help you Skyrocket Your Brand!


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