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Top Trends to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2022

COVID-19 has changed the face of marketing and publication, with many businesses forced to

downsize, restructure, implement work from home policies and re-strategise ways to increase their online visibility.

Businesses also need to consider that many publishers have also experienced closures which forced them to move their publications online. This also means that there is now a surge of content for online readers to choose from.

Now, more than ever, the need for a skilled, competitive, up-to-date and relevant article writing service has become imperative.

Below, we will look at some of the years’ top trends for businesses to consider when it comes to their digital content marketing strategies.

Media Responsibility

New publishing regulations in South Africa regard all online publications as regulated press. This means that online articles and blogs have a new level of media responsibility.

As a business, you are accountable for what is published online in your brand’s name. The writer who drafts your content has the responsibility of delivering that articles are accurate, unbiased, and fair. Bear that in mind when it comes to choosing the article writing service you collaborate with.

No matter where you are in the world, your country will have its own set of regulations regarding press and media; familiarise yourself with them to ensure your brand is engaging in ethical publishing practices.

Multi-Media Content

Visual representations of the content you are presenting to your audience are an excellent way of grabbing a reader’s attention. Make sure your choice of accompanying images, videos, GIFs, and preview images are eye-catching and representative of your brand's identity.

Take advantage of image tags and descriptions for increased search engine optimisation; this will increase your brand’s visibility when it comes to shared content linking back to you.

Integrating hyperlinks into your blog posts and articles makes for an immersive experience; your audience will come to see your posts as a valuable source of information.

Promotion Across Platforms

Adding social media share buttons to your published articles will encourage readers to share your content on their favourite social media platforms. Include as many platforms as you can; Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great platforms for content promotion.

Remember to share your articles with your audience across your business platforms, too, thus maximising your reach.

This brings us to our next topic.

The Discerning Reader

The fight against “fake news” and misinformation wages on and readers have become far more critical because of pushy tag-driven ad copy, clickbait, overly sensationalised articles, and misinformation that can be found on the web.

These unethical content marketing practices could damage your business’s reputation and deter readers. You need to stick to interesting, factual, and well-written content to engage your audience.

Device Compatibility

Keeping your target audience in mind is always the first priority. Ask yourself how your audience is viewing your content. Ensure that your website, blog posts, and articles are compatible across all devices and operating systems.

Establish Your Brand Authority

If you want your brand to stand out amongst all the look-alike and average quality content that is flooding the post-pandemic digital landscape, you need to establish your brand’s authority. You want articles representing your brand to come across as knowledgeable, professional and well thought out.

You’ll want to rely on a reputable article writing service to give your brand its voice and establish your blog page as the go-to source of reliable and relevant information. In addition, posting regularly is a great way to build recurring traffic to your website.

Remember To Keep An Eye On Keywords And SEO

When you contract someone to write content for your business, make sure your brief is airtight to avoid wasting time or having your writer miss the mark entirely.

Using Keyword research tools like SEMRush, Moz Keyword Planner, Google Keyword planner, and analytics tools will help you establish which popular and high-ranking keywords. Thus, making you familiar with which topics your audience is interested in.

This will allow you to efficiently guide your chosen content writers into writing the best articles suited to your brand. Keyword and Search Engine Optimization is an everchanging aspect of content marketing - make sure you’ve teamed up with digital marketing services that are experts in these fields so that your business is not left behind.

The Post Pandemic digital landscape is a whole new world; most businesses have had no choice but to pick up the pieces and look forward. The combination of increased online traffic, as well as a new wave of online content, can be intimidating - but you should not have to go it alone.

TheContentTribe was launched as the demand for a quality, bespoke and personalised virtual content company arose amidst the pandemic.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can rely on us to deliver a high-quality article writing service. So schedule your free virtual coffee consultation with us today and let us discuss how we can skyrocket your brand.


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