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Want To Stand Out From The Competition? Use An Article Writer

L'oreal has been a firm favourite among women, and now even more so due to its L'oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science program, which supports young doctoral students and provides research grants to females across the globe.

Moral of the story? Content counts. This is a prime example of how valuable an article writer is in terms of positioning a brand above its competitors. Hundreds of companies sell shampoo, and they all have attractive packaging, even catchy taglines. But how do you differentiate yourself in the crowd? Informative, insightful articles that speak to your customers about topics of interest, social issues, and CSR initiatives your business is involved in.

So, before you sit down at the keyboard to make an attempt at writing an article for your business website, wait. If you want your businesses to make a lasting impact on your target market, invest in quality content and leave the writing up to the experts. Here’s how an article writer can benefit your business and make it stand out from competitors.

Time Is Of The Essence

As a busy manager or owner of a business, you do not have the luxury of time, and writing takes time. An article writer will dedicate their time to finding out what topics are of interest to your clientele. You can even be involved in this process and suggest topics, themes or events you think they should write about. From there on, you’re free to attend to other aspects of your business while the professionals take care of the content. When you use a good quality writing agency, they will be meticulous enough to dedicate enough time and energy into producing a masterpiece for your website.

This is where you will see the benefit of an article writer. It’s a given that visitors will browse the products on your landing page, but an article about your company donating bursaries to underprivileged students will attract readers, keep them on the page for longer, and gain you a loyal customer base.

Call In The Content Doctors!

Content in the digital age is no longer just about putting words on a page. Modern writers are more like doctors, having to create beautiful stories while at the same time utilising the sophisticated science of blending readability with search engine optimisation, keywords, Google algorithms and much more in order for an article to even get noticed. In short, they make sure your website gains organic traffic and stays afloat in the vast world of the online web.

With the abundance of information online, this privileged generation of millennials has become ever more impatient, with low attention spans and a desire to have everything at the click of a button. Try producing gripping content that outshines the competition in this atmosphere. Your chances are slim. So hiring an article writer would not only mean broadening your reach but also making sure your content will be read and appreciated.

Different Types Of Articles

The great thing about articles is that they are so versatile, and your options are endless. A good article writer will be proficient in writing anything from research-based stories to articles based on interviews with celebrities or high profile employees in a business. For example, an interview with the new top chef at a restaurant or hotel will pique interest and direct consumers not only to the website but to the location to try out the chef’s food themselves.

There’s something about an interview that adds a personal touch to a story and makes the reader feel as though they’ve been given inside information or had a private conversation with the interview subject. It’s a great way to build an emotional connection with readers. Articles can also be based on news events or social or brand-related announcements that are relevant to your company. Once completed, they can be published online or submitted to newspapers and magazines as press releases for maximum reach.

If you’re looking to save time, improve the traffic to your website and get ahead of your competition, an article writer can definitely do all of this for your business. At theContenTribe, we not only create superior quality content, but we ensure that it’s search engine optimised and proofread as well. We’re taking professional writing services to a whole new level and welcome you to join us in our future-thinking marketing strategies. Eager to find out what we can do for you? Talk to us at or +27 87 095 6471.


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