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What Are The Essentials Of A Great Article?

Creating web content that increases site traffic is becoming increasingly difficult to do. With advances being made every day in Google’s search algorithms, the need for great web articles and blog posts are becoming more and more apparent. Many business owners simply don’t have the time to spend hours learning how to write great blog articles, or they really just don’t fancy themselves as writers.

Fortunately, outsourcing web copy to an article content writer is easier than ever before, which means that you need to understand what makes an article great and take it to the next level to avoid those mundane, cookie-cutter services that are so prevalent today.

Let us take a look at the essentials of a good article below.


One of the first things to look out for in a great article is whether it’s original. Plagiarised content can harm your business in more ways than one. Google regularly considers which articles are original and heavily punishes those which are copied from other sources. Your viewers may also lose trust in your business should they notice that your content isn’t wholly original.

Any good article content writer will take the time to research different topics, making sure that the content they are writing is adapted to suit the needs of your business. Instead of viewing this as a limiting factor, a great article would use this as an opportunity to express the values and character of your business.


Many articles perform poorly for one simple reason – they weren’t useful to the consumer in any way. A great article begins with the need it fulfils. Answering common questions, misconceptions and addressing shifts and changes in the industry are all great ways to write a useful article. Leaving the consumer with more knowledge and value than when they arrived is a good metric for rating an article.


When writing articles, cold hard facts are always important. The source of these facts is even more important, as consumers will quickly notice and be able to fact check any sources you may use in your article. Referencing well-known sites will lend more weight to your credibility and authority, improving your consumers overall perception of your brand.


The difference between an engaging article and an unappealing one is easy to spot. An article content writer will use a proper structure, use simple headlines, and easy-to-read language. Sometimes a more personable tone is beneficial, too, as it helps the consumer feel comfortable and help them connect with your business on a more individual level. Sharing personal stories or experiences draws in their attention and can really elevate an article.

Call To Action

Many articles make the simple mistake of leaving the consumer with nothing to do after having read the article. One of the many uses of blog articles is to drive a specific marketing objective, and leaving out a call to action is like baking muffins and forgetting to add the baking powder. Generally, a great article will funnel the reader towards the call to action, providing them with an opportunity to use their newly acquired knowledge or understanding.

Make Use of SEO

One of the most critical elements of a great web article is its focus on search engine optimisation. The first step for an article content writer is to base the article on a specific keyword or keywords. The difference between an okay article and a great article is when your reader won’t be able to tell what the keyword is, making the article much easier to read. There isn’t much worse than trying to read an article and being inundated with keywords that jump out at you every second sentence. Subtlety is key here.

Don’t Forget About The Meta Description

The last and most forgotten element of a great article lies in the meta description. You can easily spot a poor meta description when it barely gives you an insight into the article or when it doesn’t appear at the top of Google’s search rankings. Often, most of the time spent on an article will be spent writing the article’s content. This seems like a no-brainer, except that the meta description has the power to make or break an article. Again, this is due to Google’s SEO rankings, and the meta description weighs heavily into this algorithm. A great meta description will give you a perfect idea of what to expect in an article without giving away the crux of the article itself.

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