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What Exactly Does An SEO Content Writer Do?

If you’ve discovered this article, it means you’ve been advised to hire an SEO content writer to help boost your business. It could mean that you’re considering this to help grow your business. However, you may still spend many sleepless nights wondering, “what exactly does an SEO content writer do?” or “why is everyone going on about it?” and “what could be so special about them?”.

Well, thank goodness you’ve found us because your questions are about to be answered, and you can finally get more sleep! Let’s take a look at what’s different from an SEO copywriter to your average copywriter and what you can expect from them.

SEO Content Writer Vs Copywriter

These two terms are often used interchangeably and can cause some confusion. They both involve writing content for businesses, but they have different goals. In a nutshell, a copywriter follows a more creative process and is concerned with turning compelling copy (or the words you see in an advert or a website) into sales.

An SEO content writer still has to be creative in terms of coming up with fresh ideas and crafting a written piece, but it involves the more technical process of using strategically placed keywords to generate organic online traffic to a company’s website. Their goal is search engine optimisation, or in other words, creating content that will rank high in online search engines and direct your target consumers to your website. And in case you were wondering, it is possible for one person to do both; it just depends on what your specific goals are.

Here’s What You Can Expect From An SEO Content Writer:

  • Blogs

Blogs are a great way to give your website a higher ranking in search engines because they can cover the topics most searched for, and keywords can fit in blogs very naturally. Therefore, your customers get value, and you get traffic. It’s a win-win! An SEO content writer will produce general feel-good blogs that resonate with your audience, or they can do some in-depth research to create exciting and well-informed blogs.

  • Web Content

Search engine optimisation can apply to the content on your website as well, and you can hire a professional SEO content writer to produce well-written company information for your entire website or just single pages that are important. For example, you may start out with a basic website that highlights your services, and later on, you might want to add a blog section to your site that includes informative and interesting articles related to your clientele.

  • Ad Copy & Email Marketing

While these forms of writing may not require SEO, an SEO content writer is still a writer and can write compelling ad copy and email marketing content that brings the conversion rates you desire. An SEO content writer will primarily target your target audience’s pain points and write copy that gets them to respond and take action. Depending on your goals, actions completed could be sales, newsletter sign-ups, downloads or consultations booked. Ready for more conversions? Get expert copywriting for your marketing messages!

  • Press Releases & Articles Based On Interviews

Try to remember an article about a brand you’re familiar with. In all likelihood, it sticks out in your mind because it was an effective press release or an insightful interview with the company’s director. For example, a press release about a clothing company that is trying to combat fashion waste by recycling and reusing fabric is bound to make an impact. An SEO content writer can really help you get a CSR message across in a targeted and memorable way.

  • Proofreading

Can an SEO content writer also proofread content before it is published? The answer to that is yes indeed! A content writer is a trained master of the English language and the craft of writing. So, by all means, they will ensure that blogs, articles, ad copy or marketing mailers are polished, reader-friendly and free of errors.

There you have it, now you know everything you need to know about SEO content writers, including the fact that they are pretty much geniuses! theContenTribe offers outstanding content services to a wide variety of businesses. Contact us today to hire an SEO content writer that will take your brand to the top. Let’s get started! Email or +27 87 095 6471 for more information


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