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What Are Topic Clusters: How They Will Boost Your SEO In 2021

Do you find that your blog articles are consistently competing with one another, resulting in poor SEO performance? Or are you running out of interesting ways to write on a specific topic or just really want to organise your content better?

As the world of digital media and marketing is constantly changing, so too are the unique methods you can frame and organise your content to improve the SEO of your website better. One such method that is gaining traction with content writers for websites is the use of topic clusters.

Here we investigate what topic clusters are and how they help to boost your SEO ranking.

What Are Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are a group of interlinked web pages or articles that are all centred around a key, broad topic. The interlinked pages then explore this topic with more in-depth and narrowly focused content.

SEO and search engines focus on a more topic cluster model whereby there is a pillar page that acts as a hub, housing links to other pages with similar content. This central hub acts as the authority page on the content and makes it easier for search engines to connect similar, relevant content.

Google and other search engines are more focused on providing users with content that is relevant and authoritative. Therefore, creating consistent, quality content around a topic will improve your authority on that topic, rather than broadening your range of topics.

How Topic Clusters Boost SEO

Now that we’ve learnt that SEO is moving towards a more topic cluster model, let’s find out how and why Google approves topic clusters and why content writers for websites are using this strategy to improve your SEO.

1. Keeps users on your site

If you have many pages of quality content related to your users’ search terms, they are more likely to stick around for longer and actually read what you have to say. Topic clusters are also strategically linked, making it easy and inviting for users to move from one page of content to the next, all related to their broad search query.

2. Helps with context and relevance

Topic clusters help search engines like Google understand the context of your content much better and rank you higher for specific topics or search phrases. This is because you have made yourself an authority figure on that topic by covering a broad range of similar content. All that content is linked together through anchor text that Google can easily follow.

3. One page’s popularity can lead to increased traffic to interlinked pages

Creating a single pillar page that acts as the authoritative page on a specific topic can help boost its popularity and ranking and help increase its linked pages with similar, quality content.

4. Improves keyword research

Topic clusters firstly help you target keywords that are related to one another. Google loves this, and so do your users, as it allows for a more coherent journey through your site. Secondly, it helps you develop an organised list of related keywords that your content writer for your website can easily start creating content for. Keywords will start being grouped into clusters according to their topic, making them more organised and easier to research.

5. Increases conversions

Topic clusters allow you to reach users at different points of their buyer’s journey through different related pieces of content. If your topic cluster is centred around ‘Bicycles’, for example, you could have one piece of content giving you information on the various bicycles you sell. This will help your user get more information. Another article can be centred around why one bike is better than the other, and one piece can show you how to choose the best bike. All are different articles, but they all will fulfil the pain points of different users. Therefore, you can target more potential buyers through a topic cluster and get more conversions.

6. Improves user experience

Topic clusters keep your users more engaged as they can find out more information about the topic through its interlinked pages. This means they will stay on your site for longer rather than go back to Google for more answers when more questions come up. Once you have given quality content to one user, they will keep coming back for more information around the topic they enjoy, further increasing your visitors.

Are you ready to try creating a topic cluster of your own? At theContenTribe, we are passionate content writers for websites, making sure we are consistently keeping up with the ever-changing trends of SEO and improving your users’ overall experience. Team up with our experts today and give us a call to find out more!


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