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Use Inexpensive, Super Effective SEO Articles To Boost Sales


Without new and existing clients buying from your business on a regular basis, it’s pretty hard to survive. Just like fishing, attracting a catch doesn’t happen by dangling a hook in the water. That hook must be in the right water, at the right time with the right, attractive gunk loaded onto it. Enter marketing and advertising.

SEO content marketing is a specific, important tool in the marketing toolbox. It is frequently used and is seen in blogs, vlogs, media articles, web content, et al. Business owners mostly don’t have the time, talent, or experience to write SEO content.

Fear not, you can now buy SEO articles, newsletters, web content etc., from expert SEO content writers inexpensively!

Why Are SEO Articles Important?

SEO articles are, in simple terms, the biggest supplier of potential customers. SEO-optimized content will improve your website rankings. If your website ranks on the first page of search engine results, you have a good chance of being clicked on by the audience. If you are on the second page, there is a 43% less chance.

Good content marketing strategies have shown, via many studies, that a website can experience an 800% increase within a year. In addition, sites with loads of good content have nearly 600% more conversions (enquiries), and half of those become customers.

Two-thirds of customers say they prefer becoming acquainted with a brand via content versus adverts. Statistics show a trend that nearly 50% of visitors look at three to five SEO articles on a website before making contact.

What Does SEO Content Mean?

When a search engine sends out ‘crawlers’ across the entire internet to find answers to a search question, it cross-checks against naturally placed keywords, in strategic positions, on your site, amongst other things.

Long-tail keyword phrases are value-adding as well. So instead of “lip fillers”, use “natural-looking lip fillers”.

A NON-value-add is stuffing keywords willy-nilly all over. Google will knock you for that behaviour. Expect to meet duplicated, non-unique content on the sideline too, and “stale” websites that don’t have content regularly uploaded to them.

Hyperlink to other pages on your website as well, or the crawlers will not ‘crawl’ that page. They don’t like dead ends.

Content should read easily and speedily, with an active voice, in short sentences, with a clear structure and sufficient depth to the content. You are not going to sell without making an effort.

Buying SEO Articles

Unless you are a professional writer, you probably don’t have ‘writing’ as a skill on your CV. SEO-rich content writing produces excellent results, so attempting to write the content yourself or getting a friend to ‘chip in’ will be shooting yourself in the foot.

Knowledge of your business and good writing are not synonymous. Additionally, by doing the writing yourself, you do not focus on operations, customer interaction, and a myriad of business tasks.

Due to the huge demand for it, good SEO writing is a full-time job for many select writers. Use them and see results.

SEO Content Agency

Using a digital marketing and SEO agency gives you access to a team of specialist and varied writers. You will only pay for writing services when you need them.

Searching for, reviewing, contracting and instructing freelancers will consume a lot of your time, especially if they don’t work out.

The agencies will have different service packages for different business needs to suit small businesses or larger corporates.

If you have any questions about buying SEO articles, please drop us a line or give us a call Ph: +27 64 531 5603. As a digital marketing agency and SEO agency, we have an excellent team of experienced, effective writers to make your leads grow!


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Need an article like this one?
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