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Five Reasons Your Seo Content Writing Service May Not Be Working

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Most established businesses and baby boomers are by now attuned to the term Search Engine Optimisation or SEO and how effective it can be for driving organic traffic to a website.

What you may not know is that an SEO content writing service can make or break an article. The overuse or underuse of keywords is one way to push your customers far away, and many other factors can cause this undesirable effect.

If you’ve been noticing a steady dip in your Google rankings, here are five reasons why your SEO strategy may not be working and why it may be time to move on to a new SEO content writing service.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a mistake that is very easily and commonly made. This will generally happen if your SEO company uses automated methods and the content is not carefully thought through. In all likelihood, they are just writing for the sake of writing, and your content is suffering. You would be safer with a professional service that uses carefully crafted content with strategically placed keywords. Be careful that keywords are not overused in each paragraph but also not underused to the extent that search engines do not pick them up.

Content Is Not Long Enough

According to SEO experts, articles that are less than 300 words are not that effective, as Google ranks them according to their value to the user. If your article is informative and keeps people on the page longer, it’s more likely to give the user a valued experience, and your rankings will be higher. Short content may work for a niche market because your keywords will be unique, but generally, the rule is: the longer, the better, the more useful, the higher up you appear in search engines. Have a look at what your competitors are doing as a guideline and try to beat them at it!

No Clear Goals

With any strategy, you need to have an end goal, or you’re going down an aimless path. If you’ve been using an SEO content writing service for a while now but not seeing any growth in your rankings, or any increased traffic, the problem may be that you haven’t set out clear goals from the beginning.

Working with a professional agency will hopefully guide you towards where your company needs to be. Once you set out clear targets and percentages for growth, you will know exactly what kind of content to put out and how often. A more targeted approach makes it easier to achieve results in good time.

You’ve Compromised On Quality To Save On Cost

An established agency will have procedures in place to meet deadlines and manage workflow and communication with ease. Good quality service will be up to date with changing technology and reader and consumer trends. If you’ve tried to go the cheaper route to save on costs, chances are you’re not getting the best quality.

Warning signs to look out for are if a company completes articles too quickly (meaning they are not putting enough research into it) or too slowly (meaning they are not skilled enough), or your rankings are not improving, which means that the content is poor and strategies used are outdated.

Cant’ Show You Examples Of Past Work

A common red flag for a content writing agency is one that can’t show you a high standard of past work. This is especially true if they can’t show you past work that is similar to your niche service. This means that they aren’t proud of their previous service, or they wouldn’t know how to add value to your target audience through quality content.

You Haven’t Done An Audit

An SEO audit is an essential part of making your strategy work for you. When you get an SEO content writing service to do an audit for you, they measure if your rankings have increased or decreased and analyse what the problems are, what’s working, and what can be improved. This is essential so you can identify the creases and iron them out quickly to get you back on the road to success.

For professional SEO content writing services, theContenTribe has the expertise you need to get results. We will also give you a free SEO audit so you can immediately identify problem areas and start working on the solutions to get your optimum ROI. Our audits are compiled by professionals and not automated. If you’re eager to see impressive organic results, drop us a line or call +27 64 531 5603.


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